Thursday, 12 September 2013


Yelagiri or Elagiri is a small hill station in Tamil Nadu, about 200 km from Chennai and 160 km from Bangalore.
We were planning to start at 5.30 in the morning but, as it  generally happens, we started at 6.15. We took the route through Pallavaram, Pamal and Kundrathur. This reaches the NH 45 close to Sriperumbudur. From here it is a straight drive till Vaniyambadi and from there you have to take a diversion after Ponneri. We took short breaks on our way as we were travelling with our pet Veto. Veto enjoys travelling and never troubles us.

At Vaniyambadi, we were joined by my cousin and her family from Bangalore. After exchanging the pleasantries we again began our drive. The road is very good and we can see the yelagiri hills on the way.

The road is narrow so you cannot park your vehicle on the way up except for one or two places. We stopped at one place to watch the view of the valley.It really saddens me to see people throwing garbage at such places. There were broken glass pieces from bottles used for  "DRINKING AND ENJOYING WHEN ON A HOLIDAY". I wish people could show some consideration to Nature before spoiling it!

On the way we could see lot of monkeys and large bee hives hanging from the trees. Yelagiri is known for it's honey and jackfruit.

We had booked our rooms at HR Resorts  which is about 6 km from the town and is a  quiet place.  The place was very good with lot of open space. Veto was very happy as he could move around freely.

We had our lunch and after a nap, we went out to see the Yelagiri lake. The lake is very big and has boating facility. I waited with Veto, in the Children's Park while the others went for boating. There are a lot of jack-fruit trees in the park. We spent some time in the park and and returned to the  resort. On arriving, Veto found a friend Frudo ,who had came from Bangalore. We spent the evening just lazing around.

Anu , wanted to go for paragliding, but on enquiring we found that it  had been stopped now. So we planned to go for trekking the next morning.
People go to "Swamimalai" for trekking but we were not keen on that as we found out that it would be too tiring and none of us were so adventurous.
So Prakash who looks after the place said he would take us for a small trek near the resort.

We planned to start early in the morning and return before it got hot. We drove for about 3 km (we were supposed to walk :) ) and then began climbing the hill. The climb was not very tiring and we began to enjoy the trek uphill. The view from the top was breathtaking. On the top we found a small temple belonging to the local people . We could see some hamlets down below. 
It belonged to the "Malayali" people, who are the inhabitants of the mountains. They do farming and collect honey from the forests. 


The walk back was very refreshing and we felt a sense of achievement  as, we were not confident that we would be able to complete the trek.

We were very hungry by now and were awaiting the breakfast which would be ready for us when we reached back.
But there was no breakfast! The cook was  still asleep!
We were in no mood to go to the town to have breakfast. Then our guide cum caretaker asked us to wait for 15 -20 mins. And there it was! Idly,vada,dosa, sambhar ,chutney as promised. We were amazed as to how he could do it in such a short time, with a little help from his assistants. We still wonder how he managed it.

We spent the whole day chit chatting and relaxing and then began our journey back. On the way we stopped to see the Nature Park which has lot of trees, an aquarium, an artificial waterfall and a lot of crowd! A musical fountain show is held here in the evenings.

We roamed the place for about half an hour and started for home.
We had a very relaxed weekend and came back refreshed.

So if you want a peaceful and calm location, far from the crowd ...

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