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Idli is a staple breakfast in any South Indian home. It is a very healthy and nutritious breakfast, rich in protein and free from oil!
Idli is prepared by steaming a fermented batter made of udad dal and rice. Idli batter can be prepared by grinding udad dal and soaked rice or by mixing rice rawa also known as idli rawa.
The idlis made by using rice and idli rawa vary in texture: the first one is very smooth and the later is grainy . But both the varieties are equally soft.

I prefer to make idlis using idli rawa as it is easier and saves time as I do not have to grind the rice!

If idli rawa is not available you can make it at home.
Rinse rice and allow it to dry in a shade by spreading on a thin cloth.
Powder  it in a mixie /dry grinder to a grainy texture.
Store in a container and use whenever required

To make the idlis soft:

  • Soak the dal well. at least for 4 hrs
  • While grinding the dal, add water in small quanties. The batter should not become too thin.
  • Grind with mixie at the lowest speed. This helps in incorporating more air in the batter.
  • Grind the dal to a fine paste.
  • While mixing the salt, be gentle with the batter. Do not mix very fast.It will remove all the air from the batter


1 measure udad dal/black gram dal
3 measures idli rawa
1/2 measure beaten rice/poha
salt to taste

soaked dal

Batter before fermentation

Batter after fermenting

Idlis ready for steaming


Steamed idlis

Ready for demoulding

  • Wash the dal thoroughly and soak for 3-4 hrs.
  • Soak the beaten rice for about ten minutes before grinding the batter.
  • Wash the idli rawa and soak it in water for atleast 10-15 mins before mixing it with the batter.
  • Squeeze out as much water as possible from the rawa using your hands.
  • Grind the dal to a smooth paste along with the beaten rice/poha, adding small quantities of water at a time.
  • Tranfer into a vessel and mix the rawa.
  • Blend it again once very lightly in the mixie.
  • Allow the batter to ferment and rise.
  • If the weather is cold , keep the batter in a warm place.
  • The batter ferments and rises and the batter becomes very light and fluffy.
  • Add salt and mix very slowly. This will help retain the air in the batter.
  • Grease the idli moulds and steam cook in a steamer or cooker for 7-8 mins.
  • (if you use cooker for steaming, do not put on the weight.)
  • To check if the idlis have cooked ,insert a knife .It should come out clean.
  • If not steam for another min .
  • After the idlis are cooked, remove the lid on the steamer or the steam will cool and water drops will fall on your idlis.
  • Wait for a few mins to remove the idlis from the mould  so that they come out clean.
  • The idlis are now ready!
  • Enjoy them with sambar and chutney :)


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